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Six Steps to Excellence in Ministry CD Series
Learn six proven steps to help you do your very best in God's service.
For Pastors Only - The Healthy Pastor Series
Guard your spiritual, physical and mental health.
For Pastors Only - Refusing the Care, Pressure and Stress of Ministry
Effect positive change by refusing the stresses of ministry.
For Pastors Only - Stop Comparing Yourself
Learn how to win the battle of comparing your ministry.
For Pastors Only--When People Leave Your Church
Learn to enjoy pastoring even when people leave your church.
For Pastors Only - A Pastor's Most Important Priority
Learn what your most important priority should be as a pastor.
For Pastors Only--Why Do We Do What We Do
Reconnect with your ultimate motivation for ministry.
The Ministry of the Prophet CD Series
Discover the prophet's role and the part it plays in the Church.
Connecting With God's Master Plan Curriculum
Discover God’s plan for your life and stay on course with it!
SKA Church Curriculum Volume 1 - My Father Loves Me!
Teach your children how to interact with God in day-to-day life.
SKA Church Curriculum Volume 3 - The Sweet Life
The Sweet Life is a valuable treasure for you that’s hidden in God.
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