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SKA The Mission DVD
Watch Superkid Academy: The Mission today.
SKA Tract - Your New Adventure in God!
Knowing God is an adventure. This tract explains salvation simply.
SKA Tract - Your Spirit-Filled Life!
This tract explains baptism simply, just for kids.
Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries
The Superkids have a whole slew of mysteries for you to solve.
Superkids Novel Package
These novels have become favorites of kids everywhere.
The Faith Adventures of Wichita Slim DVD Set
Your family will enjoy this faith-based, God honoring Western trilogy.
The Shout! Joke Book
The Shout! Joke Book contains jokes written by children.
We Are Superkids CD
The best music from Commander Kellie and the Superkids!
Wichita Slim's Campfire Stories Paperback Book
Adventures with Wichita Slim in this collection of short stories!
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